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Above Ground Installation – How To Install A Dog Fence

For most people, they believe that the wire used in “Underground Dog Fences” should be buried “underground”. That impression is simply not true. However, we still recommend burying the wire so you don´t need to deal with it over and over again.

However, for some reasons, other people were not able to do these things which stops you from buying a containment fence, here’s an interesting and truly helpful product that will definitely change your mind.

Above Ground Installation

Containment of your dogs using the Underground Fencing will never be a problem again just because you are renting your house, or don’t have any tools or no one will dig the ground for you. With the wire securing staples, the hardest thing to do before will now be as easy as 1-2 steps. All you have to do is to lay the wire down and after a good rain the wire will sink and you won’t be able to see it again. Isn’t it a perfect hassle free solution to your installation difficulties? When electric dog fence we use we need to know about its features too.

Step 1:

» First lay out your boundary wire in your desired shape and around the area you want to contain. From your boundary wire run the twisted wire to your transmitter and pug it in.
» Once you have decided the system you chose is correct for you, “Staple” the twisted wire to the ground by hammering in a wire “Staple” every 5 – 6 feet.
» Now stop and look at the wire. Is it completely flush to the ground all the way to the start of the boundary? The wire MUST completely touch the ground. If not go and “Staple” any raised areas before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2:

» Place a “Staple” where the twisted wire and the beginning of the boundary meet (if you have a splice in this area please dig a small hole about 2 inches deep and bury the splice. Then place a “Staple” in the front of and behind the splice to relieve any pressure on the splice)
» Next, walk to the first corner of your boundary and “Staple” it to the ground. Repeat this step for all corners of your boundary. (Not all yards are square if you do not have corners on your boundary please select multiple anchor points for the wire)
» Now place staples as needed and make sure to staple any raised areas down until they are completely flush with the ground, for maximum safety for you and your guests.

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